Catching up with Karla this week. She’s been busy running her wonderful small business, keeping us all in yarn and notions – not to mention those random project repairs. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite yarn shop owner!

Owning a business is both awesome and exhausting. ImagiKnit Yarn Shop has been in Omaha for 8 years now (and before that was in Hastings). What about IYS keeps you energetic and engaged?

I think it’s just the passion for what I do. I love the craft, I love the people. Just interacting with people and helping them learn new things….find the perfect yarn for their project. Every day is different.

The last several years have been a struggle for everyone, and small businesses have been especially impacted by the pandemic. Any thoughts on what it is about IYS that has allowed you to survive?

People were at home and had more time to knit or crochet. They had big hearts to support small business. I chose not to go online because people still like to see what they are getting. We didn’t close and worked hard…Yarn on a stick, delivery, curbside. Just kept going and evolved things to work. Our customers were so wonderfully supportive. Many people said they didn’t want to see me close so they did their best. We all did it together!

Other than fiber what is your self-care of choice?

In the summer I like gardening. And I would like to ride my motorcycle more. Spending time with friends. Knitting and Netflixing.

This summer you attended the first in-person Market in a few years. What about Market (aside from the fabulous new yarns and accessories) does going accomplish for you and the shop?

I have a passion for what I do and going to Market re-energizes and stokes the fire in me! We were so isolated with no Market during COVID. It’s always wonderful to socialize with other shop owners, sharing how things are going and talking about ideas. I also get to see new ways of doing things and Market offers classes and other support targeting the business side of the fiber world.

Any goals/hopes for ImagiKnit Yarn Shop over the next year?

I would like to withstand the current challenges of the day and be able to keep growing. It always amazes me the new people that come into my store every day who have never been here. And who want to learn to knit, crochet, spin…I LIKE having a yarn good time and love being here for the fiber community!!

You recently attended the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. How does attending that Festival compare to going to Market?

Rhinebeck is open to all fiber lovers, not just those in the business. It feeds the personal joy I have in knitting and crocheting. Meeting all the other fiber lovers, taking classes and checking out the vendors…I love attending both and they each fill different parts of me.

Last questions (for now…) what is your favorite fiber project to work on?

I love making sweaters! Once you get through the top part it’s just mindless knitting and I can Netflix.