Missy Throckmorton loves fiber.

She’s been knitting and crocheting for quite some time. The idea of spinning her own yarn intrigued her, but at the time couldn’t find anyone in Omaha who taught. She picked up a drop spindle and tried YouTube and trial and error. Seven years ago Missy attended a spinning class at the Iowa Sheep and Wool festival. There she found the in-person help she needed to take off with spinning. Missy continues to take classes at festivals, attend guild meetings in Fremont and practices!

The physical idea of spinning was particularly intriguing for Missy. Looking at roving at festivals and yarn shops gave her all sorts of ideas regarding thickness and color varieties. Physical items can also be added while spinning as well, sequins, stones or other baubles for example. “I like the idea of plying yarn but had no one to show me how to do it,” Missy said. (Plying: process used to create strong yarn, done by utilizing two or more strands of yarn and putting them together.)

If you would like to learn to spin, drop spindle is a great way to begin. It’s inexpensive, easy to start, and you can make everything from lace weight all the way to thick and art yarns. It is also extremely portable. You can take a drop spindle anywhere.

Once you’ve learned the drop spindle it leads you to spinning with a wheel. A spinning wheel is faster, but not very portable.

Missy is an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter who is getting ready to retire from her day job at the end of December. She is looking forward to sharing her love of spinning with others. “My ultimate goal is to show people how to spin.”

Demonstration at ImagiKnit Yarn Shop

Join us Monday, December 2nd, at 6pm for our Spin and Grin evening. Watch Missy as she demonstrates how to use a drop spindle and shows us samples of yarns she’s spun. There is no cost for this event but reservations are required. Give us a call at 402-932-9525 to join in on the fun!