With all that’s been going on, don’t you just miss getting together? We certainly do and decided to repeat what we had so much fun with last fall.  With the cooler weather coming, let’s get together and work on a project that won’t take a lot of brain power.  This year our project will be the Cooma Cowl.  It’s a pattern that’s available in both knit and crochet.  The yarn comes in a kit from Emma’s Yarn and the color options are amazing!  Bring an outside chair and something to drink. We’ll laugh and knit/crochet outside like the “good old days.” It’s a pretty easy pattern, but of course help will be available, if needed.  If the weather is unfavorable, we’ll meet inside.

Crochet Together                Wednesdays, Oct 6th & 13th           6 – 8 pm         $20 + supplies