A fun way to learn new skills is with a small project that can be completed quickly.  Dishcloths are small, portable for travel/ball games, allow for teaching new skills and make great gifts.  Following are some “skills for thrills” options Karla will help you learn.  Choose one you like for $25 OR add on additional classes after the first for $15 each.  Think of all the new skills you can learn over the summer!  The samples will be in the shop very soon!

NOTE: Please call the shop to register for these classes! 402-932-9525

Leaf Cloth – Skills to learn include making an I-cord, learning yarn overs, learning 3 ways to decrease, while making a leaf.  Thursday, May 20th        6 – 8 pm

Lobby Dishcloth – There’s a story here, but the skills you’ll learn are double decreases, working with two colors to make stripes, and how to pick up stitches to add on to your piece to knit in a different direction.  Thursday, June 3rd 6 – 8 pm

Lizard Ridge Dishcloth – This is an oldie but a goodie for learning to knit short rows, which allows shaping in your knitting.  Lots of the samples in the shop use short rows.  It’s a great skill to learn.   Wednesday, June 16th   6 – 8 pm

Lacey Dishcloth – You’ll learn the basics of knitting a lacey pattern, which isn’t as hard as you think.  Such a beautiful pattern will be the result.  It would make great fancy facecloths!
Tuesday, June 29th    6 – 8 pm

Butterfly Bowknot – In this pattern, you’ll learn about slipping stitches and then picking them up later to make what looks like a butterfly.  Super fun!
Thursday, July 8th   6 – 8 pm