We were talking and so many customers have taken classes but not finished the class project. Others of you are like us, where we start projects and then “squirrel” and start more, leaving UFO’s (un-finished objects) in our trail. Sometimes you have no clue where you’re at in the pattern, or have forgotten the new skills you learned in the class. This will be a time where you can knit with others in the same situation, while having an IYS staff member to help you. Our first class was well received so we thought we’d offer a couple more. Karla will be your helper. Please specify which class you would like to attend when you sign up. 

Monday, Nov 7th        3 – 5 pm     $10 + UFO
Monday, Nov 7th         6 – 8 pm     $10 + UFO

Monday, Nov 28th        2 – 4 pm      $10 + UFO