Do you want to boost your knitting, and earn your Advanced Beginner Merit Badge? Come have fun with Beth and knit yourself (or someone else!) a chunky, “on the bias” garter scarf. It’s a sporty, classic rugby scarf gone modern and feminine, where squishy garter goodness meets on-the-bias drape…and the rugby stripes – why of course they are eyelets! Here’s what you’ll learn: increases, so you can UP your stitch count and row width, to widen your fabric; decreases, so you can go DOWN in stitch count and row width to narrow your fabric; to go ALL AROUND, creating lace eyelet rows with pairs of increase and decreases; and learn tips, habits and techniques that you will use with every project, big and small!

Wednesdays, Jan 29th & Feb 5th
$35 + supplies