Welcome to ImagiKnit Yarn Shop’s men’s fiber group! While there are plenty of knitting/crocheting groups out there, Omaha does not have a men’s only group. This author was lucky enough to have a brief visit on the inaugural evening and came armed with questions. The first meeting was a mix of ages, stories and fiber experience (anywhere from four years to forty!), but they were all there for the same reasons. Read on to find out what the guys involved had to say.

What is the goal for ManDay Mondays?

The goal of the group is to build community and camaraderie. One of the inaugural meeting’s attendees said he moved to Omaha from a larger city and belonged to a men’s knitting/crochet group there. He was excited to learn there would be one in Omaha. Another attendee said he belongs to several mixed groups, and while there are online men’s groups it is “…nice to sit around with the boys. There are different conversations around the table.” Word of mouth, the newsletter and coming into the shop for yarn are all ways the guys found out about the group.

men's knitting group

Knitting: it’s not just “an elderly white women’s activity…”

I asked the guys what they enjoyed about the fiber arts. All five gentlemen agreed it is not just a craft but an art. “Creating something is awesome!” “Knitting or crocheting used to just be something our grandmothers did, but now it is seen more as an art.” (Great article from The Guardian on this point…) Yarn is different as well! The blends, colors and textures have all multiplied. Not to mention there are more male dyers and designers. Patterns have also boomed – there are lots of modern and masculine patterns. A person could get happily lost looking through Ravelry’s pattern page!

What would you say to encourage other men to give the fiber arts a try?

“Try it, you might like it!” “You will not be emasculated.” “Great community.” “Lots of modern and masculine patterns – it’s not all lace!” And as a hobby it has quite a few excellent qualities: calming, portable, isn’t perishable, good for your brain and dexterity, you can put it down and come back to it.

Knitting and crocheting were favorites across the board, but cross stitch and spinning yarn were also mentioned. One of the attendees would like to try tatting as well.

Favorite Fiber Tools and Things

Just like a favorite coffee blend or woodworking tool, everyone has their own favorite fiber tool! Some of the ones that came up around the table:

Favorite items to create: Socks, hats/torques/beanies, scarves and lace shawls.

Favorite tools: Knit Companion, graph paper, carbon fiber needles, ChiaoGoo interchangeable needles, flexi flip Addies, Addi ergonomic crochet needles.

Come join us for our next ManDay Monday!